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Welcome to this very private zone where you will be given the opportunity to view several general photographs of this very exciting young woman. If you are sparked by what you see as many men are, then you are invited to apply for membership to
La société de Christine, a very exclusive group of dedicated voyeurs with a specific interest in exploring the fantasies they have about this exciting young woman through photographic manipulation and editing.

To whet your appetite you are cordially invited to take your time and peruse the following catalogue of everyday non-edited photographs of Christine by clicking on any thumbnail for a larger view. If your mind is stimulated by what you see, I would welcome your comments and more importantly I would welcome your application for membership to Christine's very exclusive admirers club, La société de Christine.

Please note the above thumbnails link to everyday photos of Christine which have not been edited.

To further whet your appetite, you are also invited to view the following example of an edit taken from the "Members Only" Silver Room where Christine's appearance is in general a little more garish in nature. Please note that access to both the Gold and Platinum Rooms is strictly for "adults only" and full membership is required to view any other examples of my work in these particular rooms.

Example Edit taken from the 'Members Only' Silver Room


If you are interested in joining the Christine White admirers club La société de Christine, then please apply by completing the membership application form.