First time visitors please read this whole page carefully.... it IS important!

I would like to welcome you to La société de Christine, a very exclusive club for Voyeurs who like myself have a special interest in a very exciting young woman called Christine White. The club itself and indeed this whole website was born out of the absolute passion I have for editing or manipulating photographs of her to create in image form some of the fantasies I have about her.


A little history . . . . 

Christine is a very attractive woman I met several years ago on the Internet and is one with whom I have since developed a very trusting and close friendship with. Over time this friendship has been quite generously extended by Christine to allow me through photographic editing and manipulation to explore the quite strong voyeuristic interest I also have in her .

As most men do when fortunate enough to come into contact with a woman like her, I myself have found Christine to be a truly exciting woman to know. She is intelligent, she is attractive, and she has a personality that I find both vibrant and extremely alluring. In summary Christine possesses what I have always referred to as "The X-Factor", difficult to describe, but easily understood if you have ever been lucky enough to come into contact with this exciting young woman.

It would be fair to say that Christine holds very strong views about many things and by nature she will not hesitate in letting you know what these views are whenever she is challenged. However Christine will also vehemently defend your right to express your own views and this is no more evident than it is on her own website Chris's Freecell./ In typical fashion, her website is one born out of Christine's passion for fair play, the love she has for the card game Freecell, and her unmovable determination to provide a Freecell website where democracy rules and not the personal and dictatorial views of just a chosen few.

In addition to the generosity she has already shown, Christine has now agreed to further extend her generosity and is now allowing me to invite others attracted by her allure to apply for membership to La société de Christine and view the picture edits and manipulations I have created from the photographs she has posed specifically for this purpose.


The membership process . . . .

As a visitor to La société de Christine, you will automatically have access to several general everyday non-edited photographs of Christine for you to peruse and enjoy. If you are attracted by what you see, you are invited to apply for membership to La société de Christine.  Once accepted as a member of this exclusive club, you are invited to participate in its activities and over time may be given access to the following three special password protected "Rooms" where I explore my interest in Christine in much more detail. 

  • The first of these private rooms requires a Silver Access Key and is one where the edited photographs on display depict some of the more subtle everyday fantasies I have about Christine. Access to this room is relatively easy to obtain provided your interest appears genuine, and if you are, then you will be issued with the appropriate key.

  • The second of these private rooms requires a Gold Access Key and my exhibited works in this particular room are somewhat less subtle and a little more revealing in nature and will only be issued once you have established yourself within the club and become a little more known. 

  • The last of the rooms requires a Platinum Access Key and the exhibits in this room depict some of the "darker" fantasies I have about this exciting young woman. Photo edits/manips of Christine in this particular room are normally extremely revealing and in many cases portray scenarios involving a number of traditional fetishes. To obtain a key to this room you will need to demionstrate that you have a real and genuine interest in the type of scenes and themes associated with this particular room, and have Christine's personal approval.

Above all else, access to any of the above rooms will be progressive and to qualify you will need to demonstrate that you are both genuine and completely trustworthy.

Thank you, 

Please continue . . . .